Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Walk Home

After seeing a KICKASS National show at BAM last night (review to come), and a few drinks at Cherry Tree, I decided to call it a night and make the long trek back to Prospect Heights.

My bud Brooklyn Boy was kind enough to escort me the 15 minutes or so to the Q train on 7th Ave, where I bade him adieu and continued on my trek.

On the way to the train, we encountered no one and nothing, I guess at 2am the "Gowanus/Park Slope" neighborhood doesn't have much going on, because it was pretty damn deserted.

I did, however, manage to spot this little gem in a snowbank, that for some reason I found completely hilarious and blogworthy:

I could only imagine the person who had slugged down that entire bottle of Bacardi and ditched it in a snowbank. I half expected to see him or her passed out, head first in a pile of sludgy snow, pool of puke nearby. No such luck, unfortunately.

But can't you just SEE it??


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huh, it used to be there...lemme fix...

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