Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheesy Loves Chachi But His Dad Got in the Way

A couple weeks ago I was at a bar celebrating Fat Tuesday with some friends downtown. I'm not really all that into Mardi Gras, but one of my friends went to Loyola in NOLA and is majorly into all of the festivities, so I said fuck it, I'm always down for a Hurricane or two.

As the Hurricanes flowed, people started to get friendlier and friendlier, and beads started flying left and right.

We were accosted by a group of younguns, probably around 22 or so, who sidled over to our table to chat us up. One of them looked insanely like Scott Baio, who, many of you might not know, has been my guilty pleasure since I was about 12 or so.

Being the witty gal that I am, I made sure to dub him "Chachi" and proceeded to call him that for the remainder of the evening.

I found myself outside smoking a cigarette with my new friend Chachi. Things were getting cozy, and as my beer goggles started to fog up a little, I imagined that we might have a little snogging session outside the bar. We joked about the difference in our ages, and how he couldn't believe I was as old as I said I was. I showed him my ID. He seemed impressed.

I offered him a cigarette, and as I started to pull the pack out of my pocket, he saw the bright yellow box of American Spirits Ultra Lights being offered to him.

"Ho, shit" he bellowed. "My fuckin' dad smokes those!"

Well. There went my boner. I suddenly sobered up, kissed him on the cheek, and scurried back into the bar.

Oh Chachi. Just stick to looking pretty and keep your big ole mouth shut ;)


Hex said...

Wow ..Scott Baio is 22 and stupid.

Coming to a TV near you this fall.

At least you got some hurricanes, right?

So@24 said...

Charles certainly wasn't in charge of that situation.

i like cheese said...

Good ones guys! Keep 'em coming! :)

5 of 9er said...

That poor boy... just has no game. :(

Colleen said...

that's the problem with the younguns. pretty, but SO DUMB.

i like cheese said...

9er-honestly, when do they ever have game?

Colleen-I had to learn that the hard way, but yes.