Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Baby

So I got a text today from a friend of mine that said "V's a mom!"

V is a single, 39 year old woman who decided she was done waiting for the "right" guy to come around, got her self impregnated in a lab and, well, now she's a mom.

I give her kudos, I mean, if you know you want something that badly, and you can afford to the means to get it, as well as raising it alone, good for you.

I spent the entire day on a photo shoot, with 2 sets of twins. They were small, blonde, and adorable. Yes, even I thought they were adorable.

I never really thought I wanted kids. I've made it this far without them, and have enjoyed every second of my life, never thinking that I was missing out on something.

I have another friend, my age, married, who never wanted kids either. She suddenly decided that she needed to start trying, because SHIT we're almost "this age" and what if we lose our window of opportunity.

The babies on set today, they made me cry. Cry! And that was really weird.

I'm not sure if it is my sudden singleness, my realization of my age, or an actual yearning, but man, I finally got it. Babies. Soft, pink, little babies.

Don't get me wrong, I am not like "V". I do not want to go about it on my own. I would like a partner in crime, thank you very much. And if it doesn't happen, I might regret it, or I might not.

Just thinking out loud, I guess.

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beagle said...

Oh lord I know what you mean in this entry. I have a kiddo but I have totally gotten baby fever in the past month or so. Everyone around me has a baby, is trying to have one or is knocked up with one - it's like the universe is taunting me, lol. Seriously a month ago I would have been like HELL NO to another kid, now I am in the maybe mindset. Hormones are a damn roller coaster. ugh!