Friday, February 08, 2008


Tonight I am meeting with an artist to discuss this:

I've been wanting to get a tattoo for 10+ years. My long-ago ex and I used to fantasize about me going down to the place, with him accompanying me, and how hot it would be to have him watch me get inked up in some naughty place on my body that only he could see.

Well, that never happened, for numerous reasons...mainly that I am chicken shit and scared to death of change...and needles.

I've decided that I'm tired of being chicken-shit, and that it's time to grow some balls and do something that I'm weary of hearing myself talk about.

So what do you all think? The design is of a comet and the sun. I feel that the symbolism of the comet, an expression of wrath throughout the heavens, wreaking havoc and causing a ruckus through the universe, fits my mindset right now, perfectly.

And it's also just really cool lookin'!


DrunkBrunch said...

Maybe I'll get really trashed at the party tonight and get one with you!

Go you for thinking about doing this. See you tonight :)

Andrea B. said...

it is very cool should totally do it!

years ago when things changed in my life that i wasn't really ready for, i was crushed. then, i dyed my hair black (i'm
naturally a wholesome looking ho w/ brown
hair) and it was the best thing i did! i felt like i could move on and look flippin' good doing it! i'm still a black
haired vixen to this day!

Gem said...

Tattoos don't hurt! It just feels like a bad sunburn, that's all. I got my first and second after going through what you are. It's almost a release.

Hex said...

Cool design -- where are you planning for it to go?

btw -- Once you get one start saving your pennies, because you'll be getting more. When I got my first one, the guy did the first line of the artwork and then said,

"Welcome to the addiction."

i like cheese said...

DB-hell, why not? the more the merrier! ;)

Andrea-I'm with you on the hair-dying thing, my hair has been every color of the rainbow, including black (I'm a natural blonde) but right now I am thinking of going UBER blonde. Nice and trashy ;)

Gem--that makes me feel a little better, cuz I am getting sick just thinking about it!

Hex--NY Adorned. I visited it last summer with a friend who had gotten a tat there, and I liked the vibe there.
Although, I think the one is about all I can handle right about now :)

closetangel said...

Do it. I did, and it was one of the best moments of my life.

Still, I'll look down and see my tattoo in my li' hip dip and get a thrill all over again.

saraH said...

DO IT! I have three and only one of them hurt. And it went away almost instantly. And dye your hair! Do whatever makes you happy.=)

roopa said...

Go for it! Just don't do it over a really bony area - it will hurt (so I've heard). The two I have didn't hurt at all, and one of them is kind of on my hip bone. You know what the problem is? It's the NOISE of that needle - it's terrifying. So just put in some headphones and turn your music up loud - that's what I did and I must say that it was a great idea because I didn't feel a thing nor was I terrified.

beagle said...

That is very cool!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Oh, I love it! I was supposed ot ge t anew tattoo yesterday and I had to cancel it cause I double booked myself. DAMNIT. soon though.

definitely love the design.

survivingmyself said...

i always thought a table with flames coming off of it would be pretty sweet.

Yours is much better than that.

That was supposed to be a compliment, I hope that came out right.