Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Ad World at its Finest

I just saw an ad that disturbs me and tickles me pink all at the same time.

Two people on a motorcycle, wearing helmets. They come to a stop, and the woman on the back gets off.

She takes off her helmet, and reveals that she is THE HOTTEST OLD WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN.

While all this is going on, the VO is talking about Depends Adult Diapers, and how no matter who you are or how active you are, you are going to be ok, cuz Depends Diapers are going to change your life.

There is NO FUCKING WAY that hot grandma is wearing Depends.

In addition, I've decided that I'm so going to be that hot grandma, and yea, it will probably take me until I'm 70 to get the balls to ride on a motorcyle...but I will certainly not be wearing Depends while it happens. I'm just going to piss myself, and sport it like a badge of honor.


beagle said...

I hope we all turn out to be hot grandmas. What would that be GMILF? :P

Anonymous said...

Wearing depends on a motorcycle? One word comes to mind: Squishy

i like cheese said...

Beagle-GMILF, how do you pronounce that? ;)

SBGreg-Squishy is not hot. Squishy and GMILF just seem wrong in the same sentence, man!