Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, I just had another lovely evening at my local bar, with yet more bad service, but this time, somehow, it was tolerable. Mainly because I was with a gaggle of girls, who always make things better, no matter how bad things really are.

-It seems that I am a fucking laugh riot, and am capable of making people laugh with my "Joe Pesci" impersonations, especially when Joe Pesci is driving a guido convertible with the top down and his toupee is waving in the breeze.

-It's also really funny when I'm impersonating lactating women with "nipples the size of scooter pies". When I tried to substitute "scooter pies" for "pepperoni", I was reprimanded that it just wasn't funny enough.

-I spent the day seeking romance advice from my high school exboyfriend. Hey, he gchatted me. He gchats me all the time. I can't help it if I'm gchattable. Anyway, is it weird that the guy I lost my virginity to is now my Dear Abby? Probably...

-High School ex-boyfriend made the brilliant deduction that I prefer younger men. Not a hard deduction to come to, except, he reminded me that he, too, was younger than me. Oops. He might be onto something.

-Sometimes it is much easier to get a waiter's attention when making shadow puppets. Shadow puppets are way more obvious then, say, really good cleavage.

Another educational evening out. Sometimes, they are so needed.


Andrea B. said...

sounds like a blast!

when i went to mardi gras for the 1st time, i saw what my friends and i call "bolon-nips'... size of boloney-

needless to say, we had a fabulous time!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Shadow puppets, gotta keep that one in mind.

nova said...

Gaggles of girls are the BEST!
you should TOTALLY come work for me this summer as "casual labor" (i.e. I pay you to come hang with me") and you could work with all the cute boys on my staff. They are unusually good looking this year!HA! (yes, i DO take their pix and choose people somewhat on the exterior!!HA!) You can be in charge of the bitchin golf cart! You'd LOVE it!

Bratty Duke said...

Does Nova want to offer me a job too?

Also, "scooter pie nipples"? Now an integral part of my vocab.

i like cheese said...

Andrea B-Bolon-nips. EW! Definitely the down side of Mardi Gras! ;)

Dutchess-Who woulda thunk it, right? Ha!

Nova-I'm buying my plane ticket now as we speak-get those boys ready!!

Bratty-Come on down! The young boys' heads will spin with two hotties like ourselves!

And yea, I don't know where the FUCK scooter pies came from, but I think it might stick :)

. said...

hey, my 1st boyfriend is my dear abby for relationship advice these days too! i can't tell if he hates it, but he's a pushover enough to keep handing the advice out either way! haha.