Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sesame Treat

I mentioned a few months back that some friends of mine sprouted a brand new baby.

Tis a whole new world, hanging out with them and the baby, and now, when we attend social functions at their house, it is one big, fat babyfest.

I guess this is to be expected, being that I am of "the age" where a lot of people are doing that sort of thing, but somehow, in this fair city, there are quite a lot of us who are not even close to being those people, nor do many of us want to be.

This past Sunday, I was invited to a brunch at their place, and we were divided into two camps, the breeders, and the "sad and empty" people ;) My friend Beach Boy was there-a really great guy who turned me on to the pleasures of Guitar Hero one New Years Day a few years back-and his new girlfriend. I had never met the girlfriend, so I was, of course, asking her all the questions a curious gal needed to ask. The subject of what she did for work came up, and it turned out that she designs toys for a living.

She pointed to one of her creations that she had brought for our hosts. It was a head, one side had an Ernie face, the other had Bert.

"Soooo cute!" I gushed as I picked it up and fondled it.

"Squeeze the head!" she instructed. I did, and it vibrated for what seemed like a full five minutes.

"Well. Ernie ole boy, I sure know where I'd like to stick that face of yours," I deadpanned...forgetting where I was. I got shot a look. Which went right over my head. Because I then said:

"Oh, don't worry, Bert will get his turn."

Hmmm. Inappropriate uses for children's toys probs don't go over well with the breeder set. Oh well.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Well obvs the breeder set lost their sense of humor when the baby came out, maybe it was attached to the placenta?

Kontessa Krunk, Esq. said...

Reason #239 Not To Have Kids: I like being funny.

And now I know what to get a Little Miss Cheese when her next b-day rolls around...

roopa said...

I'm pretty sure that even if I had a kid, I would die laughing at that comment. I agree with the duchess of kickball - sense of humor must have been attached to placenta.

nova said...

LOVE it! I think the problem is that she had no sense of humor about her "toy"!HA!

beagle said...

Hahaha that is awesome!

. said...

HA! i had a baby shower experience recently that went a lot like this also. horrible.