Friday, March 21, 2008

Seriously, I Give Up!

So, yes, I've been dabbling with the online dating thing, as much as I LOATHE it.

I would so much rather meet someone organically, through a friend, or through some twist of fate. Going online, as I have said before, reminds me of shoe shopping. I always want the Manolos, but somehow end up with the Easy Spirits.

Fine, so I need to succumb to the evils of online dating in order to get back out there and at least try to meet people who I may or may not find worthy of spending time with me. Last week, as you all know, I had a date on Friday, which ended up with me texting a friend to "save me" from myself in order to not end up in bed with a guy who I had absolutely no interest in whatsoever.

Another date, with another guy on Sunday. He was nice. No sparks. Not that I expected any, I mean, I am not ready to have sparks with anyone just yet, this is all just an exercise. But I enjoyed hanging out with him, and decided that if he did indeed contact me again, I'd go out with him again.

So he did contact me again, and I was feeling pretty crappy for most of the week, so I asked if it would be ok to take a raincheck for next week. I got some serious attitude about that, and I expect that I will not be hearing from him again anytime soon.


Today, home from work, I ventured back onto one of my dating sites. I saw a couple people who I thought were interesting (oh hell, they were hot. and way too young for me. as usual) I figure, if I'm not serious about this dating thing, since I'm pretty much not capable of feeling anything for anyone right now, then why the fuck aren't I going out with inappropriately aged hotties?

Within minutes, one emailed me back. It said, "How about a bottle of wine at my place?"

Uh, no.

I told him that if he wanted to meet up for a drink at a bar, and see where it went, I would be all for that.

His reply, "Ok, I'll compromise. How about a bottle of wine at YOUR place?"

Seriously, do these fuckwads think they don't even have to TRY to get into our pants anymore? I'm going to invite some dude, who's name I don't even know, who's picture I saw for a split second on a computer screen, to come into my house and yea, I'm going to show him the best time he ever had.

Ok. Maybe another girl. Not this one. I don't just give it away y'know!


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Honestly, and I have no idea if this is the case, but it really has a lot to do with what you put in your profile. If you say you are looking for "shot term" then the guys read that as "hook up"

Anonymous said...

"Organic"...that sounds so much nicer than "profile".

Never done the computer dating thing. Although I once got in an interesting email exchange with a very nice tranny over a bookcase I was selling on craigslist.

I guess love just blossoms where it will...

i like cheese said...

Dutchess-Yea, I think that might have something to do with it, but still, I'd at least like to go through the MOTIONS of a civilized interaction!

SB Greg-I'd like to hear about the tranny, I smell blog post!

As for love blossoming where it will, I agree...but sometimes it needs a little nudge ;)

. said...

i love hearing these stories. i've been on the brink of meeting up with people like this so many times, but always chicken out & can't do it & shut down my profile when it comes down to it. i need horror stories like this to keep me from getting even that far. i'm giving myself another year or two of trying the organic thing before i go there! thank you for sharing. :)

Colleen said...

The younger gals would probs be up for it. They're way sluttier these days.

But ., that's not a horror story, that's just someone being a douche online, saying something they wouldn't say in person.

I feel you, though, I gave up on online dating like 5 times then met my fiance on MySpace when I wasn't listed on there for dating.