Sunday, March 09, 2008

Overheard on the MTA

Two guys standing in the corner on their way home from work. A really, really crowded train.

Guy #1 "Uh oh"
Guy #2 "What you gotta take a shit?"
Guy #1 starts looking a little green.

Not wanting to witness a shart or any type of involuntary loss of bodily functions on the packed B train, I moved to another car. So sadly, I do not know how that little scenario played out.

Three giggling girls, possibly lesbians.

Girl #1 "I noticed a new habit that you have picked up"
Girl #2 "Oh yea? Which one? The one where I feel compelled to stick my finger in other people's cleavage?"
Girl #1 "Yup, exactly"
Girl #2 demonstrates on Girl #3. Pretend that they are hot if you must. They weren't, but hey, whatever.


So@24 said...

How I loves me a good public transportation story

roopa said...

Yuk to both.

Digital Fortress said...

Mass transit seems to either may people strangely shy or completely take away their inhibitions.

5 of 9er said...

Good move... I wouldn't want to be on that train car either.