Friday, March 14, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Going on a "blind date" tonight, and I'm pretty not excited about it.

Some friends at work are trying to get me to go out with them to a local bar, and to invite the dude to meet me there.

"That way, if you hate him, you can climb out the bathroom window and we'll tell him you had to go home to feed your cat."

I told them to make it cats. Multiple. Like, 10.

"You have that many cats?" they spat?

No. But the surefire way to scare a guy away is tell him that you have multiple cats.

"Or that you love him" my friend surmised.

True, dat!


Digital Fortress said...

The multiple cats thing would be worrisome, but I think scaring a guy off by saying the "L" word only works in romantic comedies.

kristen said...

talk about how you are in a rush to have babies and would like to start trying next week when you are ovulating.

he'll tear out of there like he's got a jetfuled rocket in his ass...

hope everything went ok!

5 of 9er said...

The Crazy Cat lady is always a good back-up story.