Monday, March 17, 2008

Julia, You are an Inspiration to Me

I was never a big SNL fan when I was a kid, but I have always LOVED Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine on Seinfeld.

Her new show, "The New Adventures of Old Christine", is like watching Elaine as a suburban divorcee. She has the same quirky personality, is just as self-centered, and just as much of a mess as Elaine Benis was. It's fucking great.

Watching a new episode tonight, it dawned on me that the bitch gets to hook up with some of the hottest TV men of all time.

One of the first guys they paired her up with was Scott Bakula:

I first fell in love with the hotness that is Scott Bakula when a young, dorky Cheese used to watch "Quantum Leap" with one hand down her pants on a weekly basis. Every episode had him traveling back in time for some reason or another, and they always had him charm the hell out of some unsuspecting ho-bag. Later on, he was Murphy Brown's boyfriend-another fucking brilliant show. The last I'd seen him was on Star Trek-The New Generation--I will say his buttal region looked fabulous in a space suit. Rowr.

Next on the list of Christine's suitors:

Blair Underwood

What more is there to say about Blair Underwood other than his chocolately goodness is always welcomed, no matter where he shows up. I first remember him back in LA Law, and through the years he just gets better with age, like a fine nubian wine. Best use of Blair was his short stint on Sex in the City as Miranda's boyfriend, and if I remember correctly we did get to see him scantily clad. No complaints here.

Tonight's episode of "Old Christine" had her sucking face with Dave Foley:

Dave Foley, one of the masterminds of Kids in the Hall, as well as the star of News Radio, is what we like to call "sexy ugly".
He's one of those smart as fuck, funny guys who isn't classicly good looking, but his amazing wit makes him a total stud muffin. Throw in that adorable space between his teeth and Canadian accent, and you've got yourself a horny gal's wet dream.

I can't wait to see who they pair her up with next. It's like softcore porn for Monday night tv ;)


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

omg I would do Scott Bakula in a heartbeat.

i like cheese said...

back off byatch. i'll give you dave and blair. scott is all mine ;)

kat said...

I LOVE The New Adventures Of Old Christine. She is BRILLIANT in it. And Blair Underwood is just dreamy.