Friday, June 01, 2007

Signs That I Did, Indeed, Drink Too Much

- Seeing an ex coworker at a party and thinking it approriate to greet him by punching him hard in the arm.

-Keeping a big secret from a current coworker for almost 2 years, only to spill the beans big time after only my SECOND margarita.

-Having to leave a concert during my favorite song that I waited to hear all night, because the urge to pee was way stronger than the need to hear said song.

-Shouting out as loud as humanly possible "I want to FUCK this bar. I want to FUCK it and MARRY IT" in response to being asked why I was not thrilled with the bar we were at.

-Trying to get one of my girlfriends to make out with me.

-Getting pissed off at my boyfriend for getting all hot and bothered at the thought of my making out with said girlfriend.

-Getting pissed off at my boyfriend for pretty much breathing.

-Making the cab drop me off in the middle of Grand Army plaza, literally right in the middle, and playing a life size game of Frogger to get myself out of oncoming traffic.

-Crying all the way down Eastern parkway.

-Urinating on Eastern parkway, behind a parked car.

-Falling asleep with the phone in my hand, thinking to myself "I know I was talking to someone on this at some point."

-Waking up and having the first thought be "never again."



charm city cupcake said...

Sounds like my night!

Why do we cry when we're drunk?!??!

Ha Ha Sound said...

Was this from the bloggers drinks gathering? I'm really bummed that I missed that.

i like cheese said...

Cupcake--I don't always cry when I'm drunk...just lately, it seems. :(

Haha--yes, and no. long story. sorta.

ellagood said...


we've all been there!

except for pissing on the eastern parkway.. EWWW


5 of 9er said...

Wonder which is worse... the crying or the peeing?

Irish and Jew said...

Welcome to my life!