Monday, June 11, 2007

Those Durn Neighbors...

As you all know, my neighbors across the way know pretty much everything there is to know about me.

Because of the way our apartments are situated, we can see right into each others living rooms. Neither of us has blinds, and nobody is budging to remedy that.

The bedrooms also face each other, but thankfully we both have curtains that stay closed perpetually {mine are sheer, however}, but if both parties have the windows open, there is no denying of the activities that are occuring in our respective homes.

Unfortunately, I have yet to catch my neighbors in any embarrassing or compromising positions...but I am quite confident that these people{2 guys live there} have heard/seen me doing any of the following--petting my bunny with or without battery-operated assistance, giving/receiving head, having mad, loud, dirty sex, crying hysterically about everything and nothing, fighting with my boyfriend/sister/mother, stumbling around drunk on Blueberri Stoli, dancing to 8Os music, waltzing around topless/bottomless/in the nude. Et al. Ad nauseum.

I have nothing to hide, at this point...

So, I came home tonight from dinner on Smith Street, and the two dudes were standing outside, sharing a cigarette .

I've seen them out in front of the biuilding before, puffing away. I know they know I'm there.

I could either continue to keep walking and pretend they don't exist, or I could just, for once and for all, introduce myself as that "wacky neighbor across the way" and pass myself as yet another cuckoo New Yorker who doesn't give a shit.

What would you do?


Ha Ha Sound said...

Introduce yourself. Two gay guys who are chill with you having wall shaking sex right next door? They sound like potential friends to me. It can't hurt to try.

Hex said...

While I agree with ha ha's thought -- there's also something to be said for gut instinct, as in the possible reason you haven't introduced yourself to them this far, despite whatever they might have heard/seen/felt vibrating (or not) through the walls.

unfortunately between these two comments, you're sorta right back where you started.

..Not exactly what I intended, but you're welcome just the same.

i like cheese said...

haha--so funny, cuz I never thought of them as being gay, more that they were roommates.

I may also be totally overthinking this, because I never see/hear THEM doing anything incriminating, least of all loud gay sex.

However, if I DO decide to introduce myself to them, I will certainly need to be drunk in order to do it without shame.

Hex--thanks for nothing, man! ;)

guestofaguest said...

I would break the ice and get to know them...they are prob good guys? You never know what kind of friendships might develop.

beagle said...

It can't hurt to say hi can it? Just say hi and then judge how far you want to dive in by their response and your gut feeling on it.