Friday, May 25, 2007

You Guys Got it So Good

As the warm weather finally approaches, I realize how much better the guys have it than we do.

They get to walk around and see free tits and ass crack all over town. The minute the weather gets warm, BAM, women of all shapes and sizes strip down to the bare minimum, donning camisoles, sundresses, and short shorts and skirts. And let's face it, no matter what we look like, we always look 1Ox better with exposed cleavage. Men don't care. Boobs are boobs.

I myself joined the hordes of semi-clad women in the 9O degree weather, gallivanting in a t-back sundress that did not allow for a bra. I got many an approving nod and a few catcalls as I bounced around town in my travels. Ah, the joys and boys of summer!

However, we girls ain't got it so good. I mean, what do we get to ogle? A bunch of pasty guys in man-pris and board shorts and white socks with sneakers, or worse, flip flops with bad, unmanicured man-feet. Where's the sexy in that???

I am a stickler about feet. I seriously almost couldn't date my last long-term boyfriend due to the state of his tootsies. My current boy has good feet, thank God. The first time I saw him bare foot I knew I might actually have to marry him due to the fact that I actually liked his feet.

But yea, these man-feet that we are forced to endure during the warm summer months, I have a big beef with. So I'm going to ogle the myriad of titties that have sprung out of the woodwork, just like the rest of ya. Why should you guys have all the fun?


eric the beehivehairdresser said...

I had no idea you were thi into feet. Thanks for your kind words on mine.

i like cheese said...

There's a lot you don't know about me, lovah.

Colleen said...

I usually feel kind of bad for guys in the heat because they have to wear much more than is acceptable for us. Unless they're guys cruising in like Provincetown or where have you. A lot of dudes dont' seem to allow themselves to wear shorts, like ever.

i like cheese said...

Tis true, but I think that's where the man capris (man-pris!) come in, as the replacement for shorts.