Monday, May 21, 2007

My Body's 21 But My Mind is Ageless

I pride myself on being quite with it and current. You would never guess what my real age is, and I'd like to keep it that way. I almost never say things like "When I was your age" or "Back in the day", because as far as I'm concerned, I'm still 18, yo!
A lot of my friends are younger than me, as is my boyfriend, and usually I never even notice the difference. 

Til today.
Beehive and I were on the subway going to work, and someone got on REEKING of what I thought to be Loves Baby Soft. Does ANYONE remember this scent?  It was really big in the 80's, and I'm not even sure if they still sell it, but I recall that I wore it, as did all my friends.  It smelled faintly of baby powder mixed with musk, and it had a very innocent air about it, although the packaging looked like a nice sized dildoe. 
At any rate, I smelt Loves Baby Soft on the train. And I said it, out loud. And I got a look of total confusion. "Loves Baby Soft? You mean, like Baby Wipes?"

No! Loves Baby Soft! The sweet smell of 14 yr old girl getting fingered by her high school crush in her parents basement.  You know!
But no. He didn't know.
Later, same train ride. We ran into Jimmy, who is Beehive's cohort in people-watching. They were discussing one of our favorite subway riders, Seigfreid.  Seigfried has a blonde ponytail, wears ladies jeans, and carries a Louis Vuitton man purse.  Seigfried is awesome.  For some reason we were talking about what Seigfried would wear to the beach, and I brought up Jams.

Does anyone remember Jams? Those hideous, brightly patterned long shorts--I don't know if I knew anyone who actually wore them, but for some reason, the word came to my lips and I uttered it aloud. Jams.
They both looked at me and went, "Jams?"  "Oh, you mean capris?"
Yea, sure. Whatever.  Capris.
I hate being old!!!


ellagood said...

did you know that love's baby soft was based on chanel number 5?

same scent family...

that's why it was so popular.

Anonymous said...

Your year in Queens was the worst for "hooking up"? It wouldnt be if you had morals or self-respect.

Musicgurl said...

I remember Love's Baby Soft but I wasn't into perfumes at the time so I never wore it.

Damn, now I feel old.

I guess I should meet you tomorrow at the local Denny's for the Early Bird special.

i like cheese said...

Ella--I did not that about LBS...weird.

Anon--you do realize that you are commenting about a comment that I left on SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG, right? Additionally, I was joking about what I said. I actually got a bunch of ass whilst living in Queens. And I always had tons of self-respect. But thanks for your concern.

Musicgurl--Dennys it is!

eric the beehivehairdresser said...

Wow, anonymous has issues and clearly doesn't realize we can see who he or she is based on a tracking system.

keewee said...

i think this is like my friends who dont know who the Cure is... its not their age, its some weird time wrinkle in certain people... where they just miss out on things that are totally mainstream...
cause i'm fairly certain that my little sister would know what love's baby soft was!

of course, come to think of it, she is older than beehive... lol.

i like cheese said...

Beehive--Issues, galore.

Keewee--EVERYONE'S older than Beehive! ;)

Musicgurl said...

I saw a rerun of the show Living Single today and there was a reference to Jams. I totsally thought of this blog. HA!

charm city cupcake said...

Dude, I am younger than you (older than Beehive though I think?) and I totally remember Love's Baby Soft (which my mother never let me buy and yes I contemplated stealing it from the Genovese) and Jams. Jams were hilarious!

Don't you love nasty anonymous comments? Cowards! I deleted mine because I didn't want my pretty pink page to be besmirched by some twat in Pennsylvania.

i like cheese said...

MG-So glad that you now think of me when you hear the word "Jams". ;)

Cupcake--I totally forgot about Genovese. That place rocked. And I'm sure I got all my Baby Soft there, as well as Charlie, and Alyssa Ashley Musk. ha!

emily said...

JAMS!! and in 5th grade in Bryan America, I was rocking those bad boys with matching red Keds, no socks. Yeehaw.

Colleen said...

I totally remember LBS. I used to wear it before moving onto Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume (even though I hated her) and think I might even have the old bottle somewheres with other relics.
Also, "anonymous" wouldn't post anonymously if he had cojones and balls.

beagle said...

OMG I remember both! I guess I am old too. Did you every wear Hypercolor shirts? I remember I had a collection of those, jelly shoes and scrunch socks. The 80's were so great and hilarious!

Geoff said...

I'm 29 and know exactly what jams are/were so you must be between ages 27-31. Also did you have an ESPRIT bag? Did you know ESPRIT is making a comeback to the U.S.?