Thursday, May 03, 2007

Staying Abreast of the Situation

Although I am not a conservative dresser by any means (well, if you don't count the fact that I only wear black, but that's not conservative, it's rock and roll, man) I do try to keep my breastage covered in the office.

As sometimes happens, the wrong shirt is thrown on during a quick assemblage in the dark, sleepy as all get out.

Last night, I spent the night at Beehive's, and wasn't really planning on it.  I didn't have any clothes with me but now that I have my drawer I do keep stuff there.  I knew I had a fresh skirt, but wasn't sure what the top situation was looking like.
I quickly stopped off at express to get something that would work with the skirt, although, the beauty of wearing black is that I could really wear the same clothes three days in a row, and other than the stink that would fly off of me, no one would be the wiser.  But I won't allow such decadence, and therefore, purchased a cute, v necked top.
I chose a medium, thinking that would be more than ample, as I am not the smallest of girls. 

I threw it on this morning, and never looked back.  I've been wearing it all day.  I just now, at 6pm headed into the rest room and caught a glimpse of myself.

Yes, dear friends, I have yet again bared my cleavage in the office. 


charm city cupcake said...

Ay, mamitetas!

charm city cupcake said...

and thanks for fixing the name of my blog in your links list ;)

ellagood said...

baby, everyone at my office knows that my tits enter the room before me.
why do you think i've gotten as far as i have?

i like cheese said...

Ella, you know you're my hero ;)