Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mal a Tete

I’ve had a raging headache for the last two days that I cannot seem to shake.
It is a headache the likes of which I have seen before, but I’d hoped I’d never have to see again.

It is the kind of pain that sucks all the life out of me. It’s the only thing that can zap me of any kind of appetite (and as we all know, that’s pretty damn hard!)

It is the type of pain that, if Adrien Grenier were to ask me for sex right now, I’d have absolutely no desire, and would most definitely say no.

THAT my friends, is PAIN!

Although I have been ill with some flu-ey thing since last Friday, and I’m pretty sure that this headache stems from the fact that my sinuses are clogged since I can’t take medicine or I’ll go into some sort of cardiac arrest, which would be quite distressing for myself and those around me, I imagine…of course, I have self-diagnosed myself with the world’s largest brain tumor. What else could possibly be contributing to this pounding in my skull?

No amount of Advil has helped. I’ve moved onto Aleve. Not helping.

Perhaps someone will come to my aid. Put me out of my misery. Shoot me like a lame horse. Give me a sedative.

This headache is becoming a real pain in the ass.


dmbmeg said...

could be a migraine too! I had one once. I was this close to ending it all that night.

Get better soon! Or else just drink the pain away (and I don't mean flat 7up). Then when you wake up in the morning you'll feel other pain besides the pain of your current headache. Sometimes my brilliance amazes me.

Anonymous said...

There is some kind of sinus/head cold funk going around down here at the moment. Ive found that chasing Advil with a shot of Dayquil seem to keep my headaches at bay. Makes me a little loopy, but to make an omelet...

Hope you feel better soon.

i like cheese said...

DMB Meg--I think I had a migraine about a month ago, it made me puke. HOT.

Anon--thanks for the well wishes! Stay healthy!