Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I HEART Nap Time

I've never been fond of napping.

I'm one of those people who always felt the need to be moving and grooving at any given moment. I'd wake up on a Saturday and be busy from morning til night, who the fuck knows what I would busy myself with but dammit, I was going to be doing SOMETHING. Anything.

Lately, I've definitely become more relaxed. I have found that I seem to enjoy a little catnap here and there.

In addition to the post-coital bliss nap (I've always been fond of THOSE, duh), I've been sneaking in some mid-morning naps, some during football naps, and some after dinner naps. 20 minutes, and I'm good to go.

All these naps have made me feel like quite the slacker, and also, old.

But this morning on NY 1, they just announced that apparently, naps ward off heart disease. A study amongst a group of Greek men showed that a mid-afternoon nap can help cut risk of heart problems by 37%.

So all these naps must be working WONDERS on my body. Hell, maybe I'll even stop working out, and just replace my gym time with naps.

I'm so good to myself!

1 comment:

Beehive Hairdresser said...

Within a year I'll have you napping on the subways, only as the precursor to the naps on the couch.

We're both so healthy.