Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tickled Pink

For the last week or so I've been on a photo shoot in Chelsea/Meatpacking District.

It's been really great to be out of the office, save for the fact that I cannot access my gmail/gchat for some silly reason. Which as you know, is driving me perfectly insane. And I most definitely was already a bit of a nutter to begin with, so the insanity is not a welcome thing ;)

However, one of my new favorite things to do when we break for lunch is to walk over to Pinkberry and get myself a big fat one. I realize that I posted a blog last year about the new wave of Fro Yos coming out, but Mama's changed her tune and let me tell you something, she's singing a ballad about her newfound love, Pinkberry Green Tea.

It's been so damn lovely outside, all this 70 degreeness and sunniness, and it's making me happy and long for summer; flip flops, the beach, bike riding to Coney Island, sitting outside sipping margaritas at El Ray Del only seems fitting that I would fall prey to this crack-like substance that only could have been invented in the land of La La.

Seriously though, the whole experience is just magical.

The walk to the Pinkberry store is a good 15 minute jaunt through Chelsea, the land of hot gay men who don't seem to have jobs, and thus wander the streets, some of them topless due to the nice weather. So lots of ogling on the way to the Pinkberry store. Just lovely.

Then, you walk in, and it's all modern and cool, the type of place that you say "I'm so cool to be able to hang out at an establishment like this" to yourself, and truly believe it. Because it's all shmoove, and mod, and hot gay boys are milling around eating their Pinkberry and gossiping, and you just can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else, ever.

You order your medium Green Tea with 3 toppings, and the nice smiley person behind the counter (they must have imported all of their servers from Cali, what with all the smiling and niceness, although yesterday my server was named Taniqua. Hmm. Suspciously New York, no?) asks for your name. You then go to wait for your fro yo at another counter, where you can watch them swirl it out and add your toppings (I get Cocoa Puffs and strawberries. It is a mystical combo), and then another smiley employee calls out your name to let you know your crack is ready.

The Green Tea, I discovered, is less calories than the other flavors. And therefore, you can have a BIGGER one, without sacrificing your waistline. Quel heureuse! That's French for "Hot damn!".

Of course, the Times came out with this article yesterday, about how my beloved Pinkberry is not "all natural".

Natural, shmatural. Who gives a shit? Not I!

I mean, it's all about the experience, really :)


brookLyn gaL said...

I am scared to go there b/c I don't want to get addicted!

i like cheese said...

Seriously, I'm so glad there isn't one near my office because I'd totes be in big trouble. One thing I forgot to mention is how EXPENSIVE it is. Jesus!

Lioux said...

What does 'nice weather' have to do with wandering the streets topless?!

Lioux said...

And Oh, Man.

I was going to comment as Jesus®™©™, but you don't have that commenting feature on.

Jesus®™©™: "What?"

i like cheese said...

Good point! I guess they may just be wandering around topless for the fuck of it. Hell, I may just wander around topless for the fuck of it!

Amanda said...

I will hop on a jet tonight for I want to experience this Pinkberry you speak of!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

OK, will most certainly be experiencing the Pinkberry the next time I'm in the city.

Lioux said...

Oh. BTDubs...

Cocoa Puffs®™©™ are not "all natural" either.

Or "Shmatural" for that matter.

5 of 9er said...

I don't think I'd want my FroYo to ever be all natural... it's just something that seems like to should be filled with crap.

i like cheese said...

Amanda: Aren't you due for an East Coast visit soon? You must let me know, and we will hook you up with the fabulous Pinkberry ;)

Dutchess: It's a must-do!

Lioux: Cocoa Puffs are not all natural, but they are damn tasty.

5 of 9er: Fro Yo should not be natural, nor should it be $7, but c'est la vie ;)

So@24 said...

Because your name is "I Like Cheese" and this entry was about fro yo... I kept thinking about cheese flavored fro yo.

I'm messed up.

i like cheese said...

Seriously man. What is wrong with you? ;)

Now I'm picturing Pinkberry garnished with Cheez Doodles.

And now I want Cheez Doodles. MMM.

Todd said...

There really needs to be a neighborhood where hot women walk around all day.