Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Afternoon Delight of Sorts

I got the phone call late one night. XX was going to be in town for the day and wanted to meet for lunch.

I had a really busy work day ahead of me, but, as I've said to him before, "When can I ever say no to you?"

Fucking never, apparently.

I met him on 23rd street, at a bar that I knew he'd like. His eyes lit up from the minute I walked into the room, following my curves and settling at my eyes. As always, the chemistry between us was palpable, and he scooped me up in a giant bear hug, kissing me once, twice, several times more.

It made for a very flustery hour and a half.

I know that food was ordered at some point, whether it was ingested or not I cannot recall.

Taking the afternoon off was not an option, so I had to settle for a makeout session on 23rd and 8th. Does that count as a nooner?

The rapist once asked me why this person was not a viable partner for me. Besides the 506 reasons, the main thing is, he is always my past, and always my future, but somehow, is never my present.


Kontessa Krunk, Esq. said...

You know what NY seriously needs more of? Bars with back rooms for oral.

i like cheese said...

You know what Cheese needs? More friends who think like you! ;)

And I agree. Let's get working on that!

Lioux said...


I TOTALLY get what you mean.

i like cheese said...

I'm so glad! Because I totally know what I'm trying to say, but I'm not sure if it's making any sense when I actually say it...

Lioux said...