Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tonight I was asked if I am a Dominatrix. Which makes me laugh. Not because it's such a ridiculous notion. On the contrary, I am quite the dominant gal, at least in most circumstances.

Give me an inch, and dude, I will take a mile (or at least, another 6 inches, or maybe 10, if you got it). But lately, for some reason, I've become quite the pussy. I am not taking matters into my own hands, which earlier this week felt to me like "making smart decisions", but here I am, 2 dirty martinis and 2 Bud Lites into the evening, and I am thinking that "smart decisions" actually equals "being a pussy".

I pride myself on normally holding the reins on my life. I make things happen, I am a go-getter, especially when it comes to men. ESPECIALLY. I see it, I want it, I have it. Or at least I try, super duper hard to have it.

I am a trouble maker. I like to make trouble, not enough to *get* me into trouble, but I definitely enjoy shaking things up for myself a tad. Instead, I find that lately I am waiting for things to happen, waiting for moves to be made, waiting for fate to make the decisions for me, and it's really fucking annoying.

I'll just keep telling myself that I'm making "smart decisions", and leave it at that.


Lioux said...

Heh Heh.


This reminds me of the time a BF(not SSSeX) of mine and I went to a 'fetish night' at a club.[total yawnfest]

I was watching people on the dance floor when:

BF: "Can I dominate you tonight?"

Me: ( : O <-- "No."

BF: "Why not?"

Me: "You don't 'dominate' someone by asking them nicely...[some time elapses]...Get me drink?"

Off he went, and came back a few minutes later with my drink in hand. Idiot.

Me: "THAT'S how you dominate someone."

BF: "LOL" <--[He didn't actually say "LOL", he laughed out loud].

Colleen said...

Hmm. I have found that often, what it takes for me to be aggressive is what you mentioned here: booze. But then decision-making is hampered.
In my case, I don't think I've regretted times I made moves, but I have regretted waiting for things to happen to me.
So like, quit being a pussy, pussy.
Someone who is too often a pussy herself.

5 of 9er said...

I found out a few months ago that a friend of a friend of mine use to be a Dominatrix... it's how she paid for college. Just knowing her you would have never guessed it.

i like cheese said...

Lioux: Way to be a dominatrix. You are my hero :)

Colleen: I've duly noted your comment and I imagine that I will stop being a pussy right about now!

5 of 9er: Its funny, I think the ones who you would never imagine are always the ones that are!