Sunday, April 06, 2008

It Was Bound To Happen

My sister and I are pretty close, both in age and otherwise.

She is two years younger than me, lives nearby, and as much as we are completely opposite, we are most definitely 100% related, and it's pretty obvious when the two of us are together.

Earlier today we were hanging out like two giggly schoolgirls, farting around on Facebook and checking out each others would-be suitors on dating websites, getting a chuckle out it all, because let's face it, it's all a fucking joke.

Later in the evening, I'm hanging out with the gang at our local haunt, and during a visit to the loo I got a call.

"Cheese, we have a problem," she laughs into the phone.

I can't even imagine what it could be, but my curiosity is piqued. "What's up?"

"Cheese, Justin Bobby just emailed me on"

I stopped peeing mid-stream and just shrieked with laughter.

Justin Bobby is some dude who, when drunk earlier in the weekend, I received an email from...he was too old for me, and not someone who I normally would consider dating, for a million reasons, but he sent me the most hilarious message that I couldn't I emailed him back, which ensued in a continuous stream of mail that went on through the weekend, ending in him asking me for a date...

When Sis was over earlier today, I showed her said string of emails, because quite frankly they really were hysterical and needed to be shared.

In high school, she and I hooked up with a lot of the same guys...and in college she stole one of my boyfriends right from under my nose, but as adults, we have managed to avoid this sort of situation..until now.

Granted, I have not met the guy, and I wasn't actually going to accept his invitation to dinner, but for fucks sake, there are 50,000 other women in our age range on, and you have to go and pick my SISTER?

I suspect this is not going to be the last time this happens...Lord....


Lioux said...


You should BOTH make seperate plans with him for the SAME night in the SAME time frame at the SAME place and see if he goes for it.

I know we've all seen the sitcom plot before, but still. It could be funny.


i like cheese said...

Just think of the hilarity that would ensue :)