Thursday, March 15, 2007

Never Underestimate the Power of the Cheese

How is it that one minute, I am in the bathroom, flossing and brushing my teeth, with a towel wrapped around my head.

And then the next minute, my jeans are down around my ankles, and I'm sitting on the sink getting banged out of my mind?

Yea. I'm awesome.


ellagood said...

wow. i just stumbled on here and your "about me" defines me to a T.

i am "that friend" - the one that tends to go too far, but never quite gives a shit.

i look forward to reading more.

ps - the word verification to post a comment starts with "ogod" - funny.

i like cheese said...

woohoo! fan mail!

I was checking you out the other day as well and I think you are my blog doppelganger. ha!