Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Appreciate the Finer Things

After a 3 mile run at the gym during lunch, I headed back to the locker room for a much needed shower.

While undressing my sweaty self, I surveyed the room. Women of all shapes and sizes were strewn around the lockers, in various stages of undress. No one of note.

And then my eyes settled on a woman sitting on the bench next to me. This girl had a really pretty body, and I was definitely impressed.
My eyes lingered a little too long, when I realized that she noticed my gaze, locked eyes with me, and smiled.

Caught yet again!

Of course I was horrified and looked away, quickly. But I snuck a few peeks here and there when she wasn’t paying attention.

I have started to become mesmerized by good boobs in my old age. I’m like a 12 yr old boy…or any male, for that matter. I really appreciate a good rack, and am open to admiring them. Maybe it’s because I sprouted a set of my own, FINALLY, a nice, perky pair, by the time I’d turned 30.

And then I see women in the locker room, and I’m always amazed at how far low so many of the tits I see hang down. I totally forget that most women get a lot of lift from their bras, and that in actual fact, their boobs hang down to their waists.

So when I see a good set, I’m fixated.

But don’t get me wrong. Cock is still my dessert of choice. Boobs are just a side interest. ;)


Beehive Hairdresser said...

Does the guest pass at your gym allow for male guests to participate in the boob watching in the female locker room if his girlfriend is there?

i like cheese said...

I will make a special request for you. But only because I love you so ;)