Thursday, March 29, 2007

Putting My Gym Membership to Very Good Use Indeed

In January, I quit smoking and started a pretty intense exercise routine to prepare for my NYC tri.

In addition to all the swimming, biking and running that I am doing, I take a weekly yoga class. I really enjoy yoga. Besides the fact that it quiets my mind, it makes me more flexible and I feel so much stronger after an hour of downward dogs and warrior poses. The best benefit of all this working out, especially the yoga, is that it makes sex WAY more interesting…being more flexible and all ;)

Today, she had us roll into a shoulder stand. I hadn’t done a shoulder stand in years, and was pretty impressed at how long I could stay in the pose, which isn’t the easiest to do.

As I was in my shoulder stand, I started to think about the other ways I could integrate the shoulder stand into my everyday life. One in particular stood out, and let me just say I am really excited to try it out later on tonight.

Namaste, and YEEHAW.

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