Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hell is a broken computer

I'm wondering exactly what it is that I've done to piss off the laptop gods in the last couple of days. Is it my terrible taste in blog posts? Or maybe my lack of respect for unsecure websites? Or the fact that I DARED think about cancelling my myspace account?

At any rate, I'm having THE WORST luck with all of my computers, and I'm starting to get a complex.

The other night, I was kicking back with my ibook, surfing the web during The Hills and enjoying a glass of Argentinian red wine that Lesty brought me back from a trip.
The wine was quite tasty, and quite effective at mellowing me out from a crazy day at work.

Too effective. I seemed to have lost the feeling in my right hand as I went to pick up the glass, only to lose my grip and watch a very large amount of red wine swirl into the air and land squarely on top of my beautiful ibook that just celebrated its first birthday. :-(

Thankfully I acted fast, and turned my poor baby upside down immediately. How I wanted to weep at the sight of my prized laptop dripping red wine like blood. I thought about how corroded my hard drive was gonna be. I started to freak out about all the music I was gonna have to redownload. Pictures I was going to lose.

I'm happy to report that, 3 days later, the hard drive seems to be intact, but the keyboard is fucked. I can type, but my backspace doesn't work, and neither does shift. Some of the letters seem to be sticking as well. I typed an email this morning, it looked like it was typed in secret code.

In addition to my home computer trauma, I am currently working (ie; blogging) at my bosses desk while she is on a photo shoot in LA. Apparently, my office PC has picked up a nasty little virus that seems to be rivaling an outbreak of herpes and bird flu combined. IT services is perplexed. I am feeling lost. My first instinct is to go home, since I'm pretty much rendered useless without internet acccess during work hours.

Except,then I remember, my computer at home is a mess, too.

So, blessed computer gods, if you are listening to me at all, please, for the love of all things holy and good, and for the sake of my sanity, please let my computers be fixed so that I can go back to being the 24/7 internet slacker chick that I am known and loved for. Thanks.


Julie_Gong said...

I did that in college once with cherry pespi and rum and I thought mine was fine until about a month later I found out the pop made my fan stop working and fried my hard drive. Just a word of warning. Hopefully things work out better for you!

Irish and Jew said...

I had a laptop a couple years ago, and the key's stuck-- so when i typed "hey what's up?" it would look like this "hhhhhheeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttttsssssss uuuuuppppp??????"
i couldn't figure out whether my computer was high, or had a stutter. either way this went on for like a month before i finally got a new one.
I'll tell Irish to say a prayer to one of her many catholic saints for you


Irish and Jew said...

St. Jude the Patron of Lost Causes!!


i like cheese said...

Julie-I hope things work out better for me too, but with my luck, probably not ;)

Jew-I typed an email yesterday and it was like a retarded monkey with one hand had typed it. I think my friends thought I might have stroked out at my desk.

Irish - I've got a LOT more lost causes up my sleeve for our friend St Jude to assist with. Shall I make him a list? ;)

kristen said...

i dunno - i found the p's where there should have been b's charming ;)

i like cheese said...

hahaha. I was wondering if you were going to notice the battern!

the fact that the urination key doesn't work is truly annoying. I never realized how many words use that stubid letter!