Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In a Nutshell

For the last few days, I have had a really yucky stomach. So much so that I couldn't even enjoy the delicious food and booze being served at Lesty's annual New Years Day brunch. I spent much of yesterday in the bathroom, unable to puke or poop, feeling really frustrated and just generally having bad stomach ache depression.

Today I ate a lot of this

It turns out that not only is this shit delish, it also doesn't upset my tum tum.

I've also been drinking a lot of this

It's very pink, it doesn't taste good, and did you know that it turns you poos black?

I can't say I'm very surprised that I'm having gastro distress. I've had the last week off from work and spent a lot of it EATING {surprise}.

Christmas Eve, I took it upon myself to cook, which I love to do but don't do often enough. I whipped up some honey-crusted salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, biscuits, and this delicious butternut squash thingie

topped off with ice cream sundaes {dude, I was too tired to actually MAKE real dessert, which is usually my favorite thing}.

Christmas day was a typical Italian/Lebanese Christmas, with plenty of Baked Ziti, Eggplant parm, and of course, Kibbe Balls!

In addition to the holiday meals, I engaged in various brunches and lunches at places such as L'Express and Bar Tabac .

My favorite food outing was with my girls roopa and
kristen, for our annual White Trash Christmas. Many strawberry margaritas were imbibed, along with mass quantities of fried foods such as tater tots and sweet potato fries...and many drunken conversations were had. Things such as "teeny weeny peen" and "he makes balloon animals with his cock" were uttered. Somewhere along the way, kristen and I became obsessed with needing to have cake, so brilliantly, roopa suggested we go Billys Bakery

where I proceeded to have two cupcakes and a glass of milk. I think I put my system into shock with the milk...unless I'm drinking it with coffee, when the hell do I ever drink it?

In addition to all the fabulous food outings, I also received 498572729 bajillion boxes of candy for Christmas from various vendors. Some of them got regifted, but most went down the ole gullet.

And I wonder why my stomach hurts...


kristen said...

while i liked them all, the vanilla with chocolate frosting is the one that will make me trek back to 9th avenue for more. that shit was GOOD... thanks for giving it to me :)

K8teebug said...

Those cupcakes look amazing.

roopa said...

the correct term is "teeny weeny peeny" - you know, so they all rhyme. ;)

and how funny is it that mr. TWP CALLED ME on new year's day?!?!?!

i love our white trash christmas outings. they make me happy. :)

i like cheese said...

Kristen-the chocolate frosting did indeed make the vanilla cupcake oh so much more delectable! And I sense that we WILL be going back...maybe after our dinner at Sauce? ;)

K8teebug-Cupcakes in general are pretty awesome, Billys are no exception. But as all my readers know, my true obsession is :)

Roopa-Sorry,sorry. Peeny it is.
I love that TWP called you on NYD. Ha!
And yes, our White Trash Xmas outings are better than any cupcake :)

Dre said...

that butternut squash thingie looks yummy!

i like cheese said...

Dre-the butternut squash thingie did not impress upon first bite...but the more I ate it, the more delicious it became. I substituted the sage with rosemary since that's what I had gotten from the farmers market, and that paired with the leeks and all the butter was to die for :)

Todd said...

There's a wicked bug going around.

Musicgurl said...

You gals went to the Trash Can without me?


;) Those cupcakes are giving me mad cravings.