Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Fight

This morning, my boyfriend had our first fight of 2OO8.

As we sat on the subway heading into work, we started having one of those conversations that is really just thinking out loud and not meant to be shared with others, such as "I need to pay my bills today", which led to "My cable bill is higher than normal. I'm thinking about cancelling my premium channels." Which led to the big fight.

"Your cable service sucks," Beehive reminded me. "The channels are in all sorts of a weird order, and you can never find what you want to watch."

I tried to protest, knowing that I had a weak argument. "But the Guide helps find all the channels," I reminded him.

"Your Guide also sucks, it takes too long to get to it and it doesn't tell you what the shows are about," he continued.

Ok man, now you're just hitting below the belt. Why you gotta talk about the Guide like that?

I winced, and tried to defend my Guide. "You can hit info and it'll tell you about the shows" I replied.

"nope. admit it, it sucks," he shot back.

"Fine. Your cable is better than my cable. You win." I hung my head in shame.

"I don't have cable. I have sattelite" Beehive haughtily retorted.

And there you have it. The first big fight of 2OO8.


Ha Ha Sound said...

That doesn't sound too bad. I'm guessing that you guys made up pretty quickly?

It's funny how couples have little arguments about stuff. My ex and I used to have a jokey kind of disagreement over who was smarter, but there was always an undercurrent of something real there.

i like cheese said...

pssst....I have a wasn't a real fight!
But don't tell anyone...;)

brookLyn gaL said...

Cablevision? The channels ARE out of order and the guide DOES suck, but I'm paying half of what I paid when I lived in a Time Warner zone.