Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dear Inconsiderate Assholes That Live Across the Way

For the love of all things holy, dear neighbors of mine, please get yourselves some blinds. Or a shade for your lamp. Or at the very least, stop shining your God forsaken lightbulb right into my freaking apartment.

I’m not sure why, exactly, you feel the need to blind me with your 500 megawatt bulb. Is it so that you can see into my apartment better? Dear Neighbors, I think we have already established that I am an exhibitionist, and I don’t care what you see.

If you do need to get a better look at my fabulous tits, ass, and get a closeup of the minutae of my boring everyday life, would it be too much to ask to turn the fucking light OFF when you go to bed at night?

Is it really necexsary to have it blaring at 3am when I can clearly see into your apartment and know that you are not even up anymore? Is it really necessary that I am going to have to start wearing sunglasses to bed in order to stave off your stupid incessant glaring lamp?

Perhaps when I post up a giant poster-sized note to you in the window tonight, you will get the hint.


A Sleep Deprived Cheese

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