Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Part Time Gig

So, instead of continuing to complain about my money or lack thereof, I've been thinking a lot about getting a second job.

It wouldn't have to be forever...mainly it would be to pay off some outstanding debts that are looming over my head, in the hopes that once said debts have been paid, I can resume stashing money away for the future and not have to keep stealing from myself all the time.

I used to have quite the savings account...and was relatively debt-free. And then all hell broke loose...I became single, I started paying my own way, I stopped relying on a second income from my live-in got ugly, real fast.

So here I am...still struggling...making more than I ever did. It's nuts.

I was perusing Craigs List last night, thinking I'd find some weird odd job type of things that I could do...maybe some personal assisting for an old eccentric, and the like. I did find this, which I was seriously considering:

a"Beautiful Friendly Girls Make 100+ An Hour Doing Fantasy Role Play"

I was so THERE. Until I read "Must be bikini skinny. NO PLUS SIZE."

So much for that idea.

But then I started thinking...what about nude modeling?
I mean, they need all shapes and sizes for art classes, as well as photographers' don't necessarily have to be a twig to do it...of course, I would wish that all of the students were, in fact, BLIND...and maybe mute as well so I wouldn't hear their gasps of horror as I disrobed. But hey, nude models make good money...and it's for the sake of art.

There is the small fact that, I've never REALLY nude modeled, at least, not outside of the comforts of my own home, for more than two people at a time. I guess that could be a problem...having stage fright right as an entire class is staring at you, waiting for the moment of truth, could be kind of embarrassing.

Seriously though, any of my 3 readers that has experience and wishes to share, feel free!!


Susan said...

you nude modeled for two people at a time?! Is that one person and a cat, or actually two people?!?

I once had a friend who made a crapload of money digging textbooks out of the trash in a college town and selling them on amazon. Maybe your calling card could be a complimentary nude photo...

i like cheese said...

Hahaha. 2 people AND a cat! The photographer, and my friend that lives upstairs.

But forget nude modeling...I like the textbook idea much better...although if i get busted digging through garbage on NYC streets i'll never live it down!

Lioux said...


Do you still have that Craigs List Ad?
Can you forward it too me?...I'm bikini skinny and they can Fantasy Role Play that I'm a Beautiful, Friendly Girl.

brookLyn gaL said...

I've totally been thinking about getting a 2nd job too.

magickat said...

I've done it. As weird as this sounds, it's better to do it for a group of people than to do it for one person alone. When it's just one person... it's definitely creepy. Once I went in for someone sayig it was for an art class and it was just one guy. Took me about 3 seconds to leave.