Sunday, May 18, 2008

Those Old Habits, They Do Die Hard

Couple years ago, when I was a smooth operator, I had a bunch of different boy situations to choose from at all times.

One of them was a Billlyburg dude who I don't think I ever saw in the light of day. 1am was when we usually started to communicate with each other, and our "dates" usually began in the vicinity of 3am or so.

This "relationship" carried on as such for months, even ending with a proper "breakup" (me cabbing to his house after a date with someone else, to tell him we couldn't see each other anymore, which ensued in "breakup sex") and then never really speaking to each other again.

A few months ago, this person showed up on my IM, out of the blue. It was oddly nice to hear from him. Even better when I found out he had moved to another state.

What's hilarious is that, now that we have re-established contact, I still get the 1am "booty texts".

Do you think I need to remind him that he lives 5 states away? Ha!


Lioux said...

I have never traveled for sex, myself.

But I have had a boyfriend I never saw in the light of day.

i like cheese said...

There's something about those nighttime relationships that really work, you know?