Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing?

So this morning I was running around doing all sorts of errands and decided to pop into my neighborhood bakery for a fat iced decaf.

I know I know, so many things wrong with the above sentence, starting with iced and ending with decaf. For the record, I do not like warm drinks, unless it is hot chocolate, and it better be DAMN cold outside for me to be seeking out hot chocolate. And the hot chocolate needs to have marshmallows in it. The big ones. No queer little baby marshmallows for me! As for the decaf...I can't drink caffeine. It gives me palpitations and sweats. I am not a pretty gal after drinking a big 'ole cup of caffeine, I promise you that.

At any rate, I stepped into this bakery, which I really never go to because it's WAY overpriced. Their cup cakes are tiny and cost $3.OO a pop. Even I, who covet all cupcakes that cross my path, would not spend that kind of money on those tiny little fake wannabe cupcakes.

Ok ok, I'm getting to my story.

So I ordered my small iced decaf coffee, in a large cup. I like it in a large cup, cuz then I can smother it with milk and half n half. Yes, I am one of those people. I'll bet you are wondering why I even bother with the coffee.. I think the woman behind the counter thought the same thing, because she went ahead and poured me a regular coffee, warm, and caffeinated.

"Oh sorry," I called. "I actually wanted it iced, and decaf." Now I know I said it very clearly and precisely, because I am always afraid that they are going to give me caffeine. so I enunciate when I order. She just chose to mishear me. Which is fine.

Until I saw her take the coffee that she had already poured into a cup, and then pour it back into the coffee machine.

Now, I know the water that they make the coffee with is scalding hot, and probably kills any germs that the coffee may have met up with while sitting in the open air for those 1O seconds or so...but isn't putting that coffee back into the coffee maker akin to taking uneaten bread baskets and reusing them?

Or am I overreacting?


Anonymous said...

Somethings are just better left unsaid. High maintenance!!!

i like cheese said...

Yes, Anon, I will agree. Thanks for dropping by!

Todd said...

Reheated coffee is a delicacy in my country.

roopa said...

Uneaten bread baskets ARE reused!

I also don't like hot coffee. I drink it iced almost always, but in the winter I concede to drinking it cool - I make my lattes with cold milk. Yum.

In other news, WHY THE HELL doesn't single f***ing supermarket in Baltimore have a motherf***ing pumpkin????????????

Ha Ha Sound said...

Have you tried making half decaf/half regular at home? My Dad does that sometimes, and it comes out well. You can also do 1/4 caf and 3/4 decaf. This way you get a little bit of the buzz from the caffeine.

Happy Turkey Day.