Friday, November 23, 2007

For the Guy Who Has Everything

You're in a great relationship. You love your man oh so much. He deserves only the best, but he has absolutely everything.

What's a girl to do?

Well, today is Black Friday. I guess you could pop on over to Target/Walmart/Kohls at 5am and be the first to pick up a flat screen tv because it's on sale.


You could head on over to this site and pick up some wooly treats for your honey.

Specifically, the Willywarmer.

What better way to say "I love you" than with this unique gift, created by the most nimble of German elves, working through the nights to make sure your husbands and boyfriends keep their naughty bits warm and snuggly.

For the man with an active social life, there's the Nightlife willywarmer.

This little fashion statement will have all the girls wishing they could get their hands on your man's jewels. Just look at that fancy handiwork, and the little sparklies just make you want to get out your dancing shoes, yes?

Next, we have the Fuzzy Willywarmer.

If you've ever had a fantasy of fucking a muppet, this is the Willywarmer for you. Comes in Oscar Green, Elmo Red, and the Cookie Monster Blue you see here.

Lastly, we have the Willywarmer Sock.

This is for the guy who likes to dress like an old dude. Or, maybe you're a sicko, and you like to see your dad parading around in Willywarmers. Well, this would be for you, too. Old man slippers sold separately.

So there you have it. The perfect gift for the man who has it all. Don't ever say I don't care.


Susan said...

Hey, if this is the same group of German bitties I read about a few weeks ago, the oldest one knitting these is in her 80's...which kind of makes it less appealing, I think, but I'm not a guy, so who knows? These ladies of the yarn also make woolen bondage wear. You can save that for Valentine's day.

BTW, the Nightlife ballsack looks really big. I don't know if I'd want to be near that sperm factory. And what is with the cow decoration or whatever that is?! Never mind, not sure I want to know.

Happy shopping!

Dre said...

my favorite one is the 'nightlife willywarmer'...

oh, yeah.

kristen said...

oh sweetie - you dont have to buy one of these, you can MAKE ONE yourself!!!!!!!!!!
google 'willy warmer knitting pattern'.

you can thank me later ;)

brookLyn gaL said...

Do willies really get that cold?

i like cheese said...

Susan-if you check out the website you can see all the wonderful little bondage items that can be had. What fun ;)

Dre-I think I could have some fun with that Nightlife Willywarmer.

Kristen-Oh Lord. You've created a monster.

BG-Not the willy that *I* play with ;)

roopa said...

Those Muppet ones look awfully itchy. I doubt they're lined with, say, silk. Ouch.

Although I bet furries are into those...blech.

i like cheese said...

The muppet ones are all sorts of wrong.

Susan said...

The furries like to hold their annual convention at the hotel next to where I work. (Who said Pittsburgh was a conservative town?) I will be sure to ask one of them about it next time.

Or not. [shudder....]