Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday Celebrity Sightings

In preparation for the new season of "The Hills" which begins tonight, I thought it appropriate to report on my celebrity sighting from yesterday.
My sister and I, after having an almost delightful brunch with my parents at Bistrot Les Amis (it was kept from being delightful only due to the fact that my father was in one of his fiesty moods and created tension galore. Fun, fun) decided to wander around Soho and spend money that neither of us really had to spare.
Two adorable dresses later from Max Studio, we wandered down West Broadway in search of a cocktail (which we ended up having at Barolo, a really large, touristy restaurant on W Broadway and Spring, with a tremendous garden in the back and a lovely bar, and heavy handed bartender who bought us drinks after two rounds. Dude, I'm going back).  Suddenly, men with giant cameras were running backwards through the streets, snapping away at what I couldn't really tell.
This was seriously my first brush with any kind of paparazzi...NYC is rife with celebrity sightings, but never have I seen so many cameras fly.  This had to be good!
Next thing we knew, we saw a few blonde heads ("the Olsen twins?" my sister surmised) and realized that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were making their way towards a large SUV.
How does this have anything to do with The Hills, you ask?
We never quite figured out who the other blonde chickies were, til I googled this, this morning:
Some Nicole Richie Fan Site
It was none other than Whitney and Lauren, skulking behind Nicole and Joel.

True, I didn't really KNOW it was them 'til I read it online...I was too engrossed in looking for Nicole's baby bump.

I KNOW what the priorities are, dammit!!


Dre said...

yay - priorities!

could you see nicole's 'baby bump'?


Ha Ha Sound said...

I still don't know who Joel Fadden is. He kind of looks like he should be a busboy at that restaurant, in that photo.

i like cheese said...

Dre--Baby bump was actually pretty small. If I didn't know she was preggers, I wouldn't know she was preggers, you know?

HaHa--Joel MaddenFadden is in one of those "fauxpunk" emo bands, I think Good Charlotte, but for all I know, it could be Lit. I think everything is Lit. But that's because I'm old.