Saturday, August 04, 2007

She's Fresh, Exciting

Before leaving for my long trek to midtown on a sleepy Friday morning, I reached up to kiss my Beehive goodbye.
"Are you wearing Carefree Panty Liners with Baby Powder?" he asked.
I am pretty darn sure that out of all the guys I have dated in my life, not one of them had ever asked me about my feminine hygiene preferences, or been concerned about the types of things l like to store between my legs.
But none of those guys were Beehive...
I replied that indeed, I was NOT wearing Carefree Baby Powder Panty Liners.
"You smelled like them before when I was hugging you," he explained.  "I love that smell."
Thanks, I think.
I allowed myself to become slightly freaked out at this panty liner fetish that I was just now learning about, wondering if it was a smell that he associated with his very first girlfriend in 7th grade, or if he was a creepy panty sniffing dude that I needed to watch out for.
And then I remembered that my boyfriend used to work in a discount drug store.  Where he first encountered the scented panty liner. And somehow, this made total sense to me, and I went about my day.
Bottom line, apparently I have been walking around my whole life smelling like freshly powdered vagina.  For this, I shall be thankful.


Ha Ha Sound said...

That could be a line from the porn version of Apocalypse Now: "There's nothing like the smell of freshly powdered vagina in the morning." Ha.

But seriously (and I assume it's the same with women), I associate smells with past girlfriends. Perfumes and stuff like that.

Irish and Jew said...

Hahahahaha gotta love beehive!!!


i like cheese said...

haha--yea, I totally associate certain smells with past Paco Rabanne reminds me of my bf from Junior year of HS...but panty liners, that's a whole other realm! ;)

Irish--indeed :)