Monday, June 01, 2009

Is this the End or Just the Beginning?

Remax1 (my high school boyfriend) just gchatted me for the first time in a while...I probably haven't talked to him in a few months, which isn't abnormal, but there was a brief time where we were so happy to have reconnected after 20 or so years that we were logging on nightly and having clandestine gchat rendezvous.

At any rate, he asked me how things were going, and I mentioned that things on my end were quite boring, actually, and that I had nothing to report.

He said something like "Really? That's so disappointing, I usually enjoy living vicariously through your stories". And: "Whenever I stalk your FB page your pix make you seem like you party just like we were back in High School."

Oh God.

The minute he said that I wanted to log off of the chat and rip down all of my FB pictures and go out and marry the first man I saw even if it was someone who looked like a frog, and pop out a hundred babies and cook a meal barefoot while pregnant.

The truth is, I am getting a little tired of it all. The endless dating/one night stands/unrequited love. The nights out, drinking to excess and laughing about it in the morning. The blogging about it for shits and giggles. I mean seriously, how many more posts can you read about Remax2? About the loser I met on who's apartment was so disgusting that the last thing I said before passing out in his bed was "Holy fuck, this is the messiest bedroom I have ever seen." About the fact that I finally fucked the Tall Guy, and he's tall ALL over? Or I saw this one night stand on a dating website and sent him a friendly "good luck to you " email? Or that my stalker is back?

Yea. Boring stuff.

I have been taking a break from this blog because I need it to take a different addition to needing my life to take a different turn. Perhaps if I start writing about more interesting, important things, my life will become more interesting and important.

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beagle said...

Sometimes we all need a what you need to right now! I am sure your readers will be here when you are ready to start again! :)