Thursday, June 25, 2009

And four days later...

So, I reread what I wrote a mere 4 days ago and I feel like this week has had a significant turnaround. Truth be told, not all that much has happened, but I guess when you have absolutely NOTHING going on, a few small events can feel like the earth has shifted.

I did NOT get picked to be a juror. Thank GOD. It was quite a hilarious ride though. By day 3 I had developed such a crush on the Keith Partridge haired attorney. I don't even know that he was all that attractive, but I guess when you're sitting in the front row of a very small room listening to the same questions be asked and answered over and over again, you can make Carrot Top look like Brad Pitt. Or something like that. I caused quite a ruckus...I brought up a reason why they may not exactly want me on their jury...I had a beef with the defendant...I got taken outside a lot. I had to visit the judge. Keith Partridge hair told me I was an attention whore (well, he didn't say whore...but we all know I am one, so...) Then finally, FINALLY they let me go on Day 3. I waited for Keith Partridge hair to make his move. He did not. C'est la vie ;)

Tuesday night I had a date-yes a date!-with the not Jacques Torres truffle-maker. It was actually quite successful! We had a respectable two drinks. I did not wear a slutty outfit, figuring it was time to weed out the dudes who only liked me for my boobs. He told me how he had planned a surprise for me initially, had we gone out to dinner (I nixed dinner in lieu of first meeting drinks. NEVER do first date dinner. NEVER!) and my response was "Oh, were you going to propose?" At which he laughed. And not nervously, might I add. He drove me home, and there was a brief hug at the door. And he emailed me the next day and promptly invited me out again. So. We'll see.

My long distance paramour and I have been flirting shamelessly and endlessly all over the internet. Last night, after getting home from a night out in the East Village with Remax2, Mr Long Distance and I texted (sexted?) until 5am. He is coming here in July and I'm both intrigued and frightened about this visit. Too many expectations have been flung out there already, but then again, the power of suggestion is very, very mighty. So who knows. All in fun, right?

Remax2. He's still around. I think he is a lifer. I have no more to say on that.

I attended a going away party tonight for an ex-blogger friend, and reconnected with a
really great group of people that I regret I don't get to see more often. I'm thrilled for my friend and excited for her new life, but I am going to miss our neighborhood jaunts and dinners!

I did not hear back from any of the places that I interviewed at a few weeks back, and no new job opportunities have come up in my industry that I know of. I did, however, meet up with my friend and put in my application to hostess at the new restaurant she's managing. I also started applying for writing jobs...something that I never had the balls to do before. I even sent some writing samples from this very blog in response to a Craigs List ad looking for "sexy, smart, funny stories for a new nightlife publication".

So. We shall see.

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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

So what was this weird surprise?

I'm so glad things are looking up. And I'm sorry if I had insulted you in the last post's comments - never my intention.