Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday was Date #2 with Truffle Man.

I was a little bit nervous to meet up with Truffle Man, as I'd had a pleasant time with him on our last date, and didn't want to expect too much or be too hopeful. I also had a hard time with the outfit decision...usually by date 2 I am letting it all hang out (if not already on date 1) but I'm trying to be more demure in my old age, as I've mentioned before. I settled on a halter top with a short but respectable skirt and flat sandals. I looked casual yet put together. Cute with a hint of sexy, but not obvious.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the restaurant and Truffle Man was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and Birkenstocks.

Yup, Birkenstocks.

I do not condone this outfit even if he were going to the beach. Which he wasn't. He was meeting me at 8pm for a dinner...granted it wasn't a fancy dinner, but it was our second date, and dammit, I have to worry about how I look, why the fuck doesn't he???

I was giving myself a hard time inside my head for being the kind of girl who cares about such things, but honestly, it was hard to allow myself to look past it. But I did, because he's nice, and I enjoy his company. But I couldn't help feeling like, in throwing on such an ensemble, he just didn't give a flying fuck about our date (or...even worse, he thought very carefully about it, and that was the outfit that he came up with, which is really frightening..so I try not to think about that).

I concentrated on our food and the conversation that took place for the next 2 hrs. Light flirting went into play, and I eased up about the bad outfit.

It was becoming increasingly clear that he was enjoying my company, and he hinted several times about seeing me again...doing things in the future...all very nice, very good things. We went to my local bar, had a drink...and then I started to get tired.

Now I know me, if I like a guy, tired be damned...I will rally. But all of a sudden I just really wanted to go. So he walked me home. And I realized that he was about the same height as me. And I was wearing flats, remember...I got to my apartment and I think he was waiting for an invite up. I hugged him goodbye, kissed him sort of on the mouth and thanked him for a good time. He looked disappointed. I was relieved.

Don't get me wrong, if he asks me out again (which I think he will) I will say yes. I have not completely given up on this. I don't care that much about the outfit. What I care about is that I don't feel attracted enough to him, and as much as I could learn to feel attracted to him, I'm just not conditioned that way. I truly believe that you like who you like, and that is just the way it goes.

I know you are all reading this and shaking your heads and thinking about all the times I wished I had a nice guy and all the times I cried over Remax2 and all the times I hated that I was single. But here's what I have been realizing over and over...I am not going to settle. I have been single for too long now, and I'm kind of ok with it...I want to be the type of person who doesn't need instant animal magnetism to be with a man. But I'm not. I cannot "learn" to be attracted to someone. It's not in my genetic makeup. I'm not going to date someone just for the sake of not being alone...as tempting as it can be. Maybe something will click for me the next time I see him. Or maybe he's another candidate for the Friend Zone.

It's not him, it's ME.


kristen said...

my thought is keep hanging out with him until you definitely dont want to... cause, remember how i was totally going to cancel date #4 with jordan because 'it was fine but i'm just leading him on cause it just isnt going to ever go anywhere'?

also, unrelated to me... i've been told numerous times that humans tend to be more easily attracted to things that are familiar to them... Therefore, when someone/something is different, attraction may not come as quickly... that doesnt mean you have to 'learn' to be attracted to it, it just means it doesnt have the instant familiarity thing going on...

Amanda said...

I believe in the same philosophy... I can't learn to be attracted to someone, its not in my nature. The raw power may not necessarily have to be there ALL the time, but its something that I look to when I meet a guy. I guess it's because I don't feel every guy has this quality, I truly believe the "instant animal magnetism" is a rarity.... and by all means do NOT settle. It hurts. Its not fun. But you've got this figured out :)

Love Cynic said...

I know you must love unsolicited advice, so I'm joining in! First of all, I KNOW the dude put a lot of thought into his outfit. Khaki shorts and birkenstocks is dressed up for some guys. And, wouldn't you rather see birks than like, black shoes and white socks?

I think you should keep dating the guy. There is no rule that says if you go out 3 times you have to get married. Or that you have to sleep with him - ever. Dating a nice boy takes some getting used to. You should get some practice. :) You DESERVE a nice boy.

roopa said...

I agree with kristen. I wasn't overly attracted to Matt when I went out with him because he wasn't my usual type. However, my usual type was also a big dickhead verbally abusive asshole, so I decided to get over the whole "not animally attracted to you" thing and just go with it. Turned out that after a few dates, the attraction was totally there. You just need to let yourself get past your own stereotypes!