Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Wrecker

Here's a word of warning to all you kids out there.

If you have two guys in your phone with the same name (such as Remax and Remax2) sure that they are labelled VERY CAREFULLY. Or you will have an accident. Like I just did.

Remax2 and I were texting a bit this evening, and I just sent him a doozy of a message...seriously, picture the dirtiest thing you could probably send to someone, and this was even dirtier.

Except, I didn't send it to him. I sent it to the original Remax. Married with 2 kids Remax.

I am so FUCKING embarrassed I could just die.

Additionally, I really, really hope his wife doesn't see it before he does. OH GOD.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Thats ok...there is this guy we will call Ri who has like me for a while. Twice I've called him accidentally when I've meant to call Re and Ro. And both times I was all like "oh shit, sorry, didn't meant to call you" It makes him feel sad.

Kontessa Krunk, Esq. said...

I had two Bens in my phone, the Cute one and the nice one. After accidentally texting Cute Ben one too many times when I was trying to get in contact with the nice one (and still not getting a response, the cocksucker), he's been relegated in my phone to Fuck Ben. I think that makes it pretty clear which Ben he is.

i like cheese said...

Dutchess-Poor Ri!

KK-um. oh my.

Lioux said...

This is why I don't date men with the name 'Remax'.

Or have a cell phone.

And I've still somehow managed to wreck a home or two.

Justin said...