Friday, June 27, 2008

Turning Tables

Every now and again, being that I am a somewhat attractive woman when I try really hard, I walk past a construction site and get the full treatment. Cat calls, whistles, ay mamis, and the like.

Today, I was on my way to the office, and as I walked past a group of workers, one of them caught my eye. A black wife-beater filled to the brim with muscles of all sorts of shapes and sizes, leading to a small waist,and nice tight jeans that hugged all the right places. I slowed down my pace to admire this urban Adonis. And it was pretty damn obvious that I was doing so.

He caught my eye, and I smiled, and kept staring. If I was a different kind of gal (or if I wasn't dressed like a 12 yr old boy, in a hoodie, jeans and Converse) maybe I would have stopped, or catcalled, or blown him a kiss. Alas, I kept walking, with my head whipped around (in my mind it is all slo-mo and my hair is sexily blowing around in a breeze, while I seductively saunter by. I might even have a daisy tucked behind my ear)until I couldn't see him anymore.

Ay Papi!


roopa said...

I have to say it - ay mamitetas!

magickat said...


Usually the catcalling from construction workers gets me irritated but once I walked past a site and tather than the usual whistling or hissing or "ooh baby" thing... all of them started shouting out their phone numbers. It was pretty damn funny.

It helped that they were actually cute, too!

Unknown said...

I swear....why can't you women just like us for what's on the inside, not what's on the outside...