Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oops I Did it Again

Well, by now you know me pretty well...and you know that I am incapable of keeping things simple.

Wouldn't you know it, I have ALREADY disassembled the Can't Have Ya Trifecta. I should never be allowed to have nice things! I don't take care of them!!

Remax2 came over for our "photo shoot" on Tuesday night...with a bottle of bourbon in tow. I was nervous as fuck..I wasn't really sure what he had in mind as far as what he wanted me to do. All I knew was that there was going to be nudity involved.
I wasn't so much worried about being nude in front of's more the having to see the end result..I'm not too keen on having my picture taken, much less naked pictures taken, without a lot of good lighting and retouching!!

Turns out he wanted to see me in outfits. Of course, he's a guy. Guys are all about the outfits. So we picked out some was kind of hilarious, actually. Being able to get inside the mind of a horny guy. He nicely informed me that the top I was wearing "wasn't doing anything for him." I was aghast and agape...that was my fallback date top! But apparently, nope, not a good look.

So...we changed my top. And we dragged my mattress into the living room and threw a white sheet over it...he wanted some sort of gritty downtown thing going on, with my brick wall in the background. I just went with it. Who am I to argue with the artiste?

We started out very he calls them, "family style" shots. If you consider a black tank top, mini skirt hiked up to "here" and thigh high socks "family style". It was easier to pose than I thought, of course, the more bourbon I drank the more flirty and comfortable I became...but he was also really egging me on, telling me how sexy I am, pretty much adoring me with his eyes and his camera. I could sort of get addicted to this! Imagine that on my list of "interests": posing for erotica.

I was trying my hardest to keep things platonic and friendly--I mean, as much as you possibly can while you're all laid out on a mattress with your ass hanging out of a pair of boy shorts and the man you might be in love with is telling you how hot you are--every once in a while he would come over and adjust my hair, my bra strap..the brushing of his hand against my skin felt like I was being set on fire.

But when I needed to change outfits, I would employ a modicum of modesty and retreat to the bedroom to change in private. That shows that I was being respectful of our friendship, right?

The last outfit I was wearing, I seem to recall, was a brown mesh top with no bra underneath and booty shorts. I guess one can't really achieve a modicum of modesty in that outfit, but whatever...I went into the bedroom to find something else, and he followed me, and I don't know who started what, but all of a sudden there was kissing, lots of kissing, in the doorway of my bedroom.

"Are you ok with this?" I stupidly had to ask. I mean duh. Yea, he was ok with it. He was probably planning it since the beginning of time!

He said he was, but asked if I was, and then I sat him down and had "the talk". I figured, now is as good a time as any.

So I told him that I really liked our friendship, and that he was a way better friend than I ever imagined he could be, but I also had feelings for him and if there was any chance we could date, that would be great too.

And then he dropped the axe: "I only feel friendship for you."

Except he then proceeded to suck the lips off of my face. Hard. I mean, I guess I can't blame the guy...I was wearing a see through mesh top and all..and to prove even further that he only feels friendship for me, he proceeded to remove said mesh top and ravage me from top to bottom for several hours, and with a short slumber break, continue on through the morning.

With friends like him, who needs other friends?

So, the Can't Have Ya Trifecta has now been tainted. As for my good reputation, that has also been tainted. As for my friendship with Remax2, only time will tell.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Hm, something tells me that he has something else up his sleeve, perhaps some baggage and fear.

roopa said...

Yeah, you know, I regularly do that to my friends, too.

WTF is wrong with him!?!?

Unknown said...

Please don't even consider that he is "afraid" of you because he's drawn to you... He told you upfront he's not interested in you as relationship potential.

You are going to be badly hurt by this and you don't need it. It's a horrible cliche at this point but get the damn book: He's just not into you or whatever. He's setting you up for months of guaranteed pain. Don't fall for this. As one who did, I'm telling you dump the jerk from your life. Please.

... said...

Get away from him! He tells you he only wants to be friends then he uses you for sex. He is a scumbag! He is such a dick that he couldn't even lie to you. Meh. You deserve better.

beagle said...

Ugh that is a mess to be in. The whole "i want to be friends but i want to do you and i did do you but i still want to be friends" thing just pisses me off...why the hell do guys do that. fucking men. :|

What an ass...I say try to find someone more worth your time.