Friday, October 10, 2008

A Little White Whine Over Lunch

So, for weeks I've been chasing after this ridiculous petty cash that my office owes me in the measly amount of $50 bucks. When I submitted the request 3 weeks ago I was not in dire need of this money. I mean, seriously now, $50 bucks? Except now I'm completely cash poor and I kinda need that measly shitty $50 bucks. I've just now found out that the stupid form was sitting on someone's desk for the last 3 weeks, and it wasn't even with the right person! So now it will take me ANOTHER 3 weeks to get my $$$ back. My poor doesn't know what's hit it.

In other news, my office has been having the bathrooms renovated for the last 2 months. They were supposed to be done at the end of September. Except, they're not. Not even close. My cubicle sits right outside the men's room (yea, nice, right?) and one of my coworkers and I peered in there yesterday to see these new and exciting bathrooms with the jacuzzi tubs and saunas (I mean, if we have to wait this long for renovated bathrooms, wouldn't it make sense that they would be luxury bathrooms? Because they care about us that much?), instead we were greeted with a completely gutted cubbyhole with old tile still in place. So I'm not so sure those bathrooms are gonna be ready anytime soon. Today, there seems to be some movement towards getting them done. The drilling and the yelling hasn't stopped since I got in this morning. Even my headphones can't drown them out. Ah, cubicle life.

To make things even more annoying, I've now gotten even Remax2 into the Friend Zone.
This appears to be how I roll now. Good fucking lord.

Weekend. Blessed weekend. Please be kind.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment. When I read that thing I quoted initially, I linked my friend to it and said "This is how I date. This is what i keep trying to explain to you." So thanks for saying it better than I could :-)