Thursday, October 18, 2007

The World is Shrinking

The other day, I was in my company kitchen, heating up my new obsession

when I hear someone calling my name from the hallway.

I looked up and saw one of my co-workers who I don't really know that well, other than to chit chat about food when we're heating up our respective lunches. I don't honestly know if I would recognize her outside of the office.

"Were you driving on the NY State Thruway on Sunday?" she asked me.

I was indeed.

"And were you driving in a Zipcar?"

Why the 2O questions, man?

"I totally saw you on the highway! I drove past you, realized it was you, and then hoped you'd catch up to me so I could wave!

But, you're a SLOW driver!"

I will have you all know I was doing 7O consistently the entire way. Not exactly crawling!

Either way, how the hell did she pick me out, on a highway of a zillion people? It's not like she knew I was going to be driving upstate in a big, conspicuous silver Outback with the name ZIPCAR emblazoned across the side of it.

Weird, right?


Geoff said...

It's funny, I hardly ever look into other people's cars when I am driving, but whenever I do, they are looking into my car.

Ha Ha Sound said...

I admit, I do check people out when I'm driving. I'm always looking at the cute girls as I pass them all the way on the left.

And Zipcar rules. I love that they've added a lot more Mini Coopers so it's not impossible to reserve one anymore.

DrunkBrunch said...

I've rented a Mazda 5 Zipcar for this weekend's apple picking trip. It seats SIX and is this crazy SUV/minivan monstrosity. I'm a little scared to drive it!

Lokey said...

What the hell is a zip car??

i like cheese said...