Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Such a Girl

I am a total cliche of a girl when it comes to watching sports, ie, I am completely clueless.

Years and years of watching football with boyfriends, man friends, and other women who "get it" has gotten me nowhere.
To this day, I am still the asshole who's not quite sure what "first and 1O" means, and I couldn't tell you the difference between a field goal and a kickoff.

I can appreciate going to see a live game, however, for what it is. I enjoy sitting outside, being amongst the crowd, people-watching and being part of the ruckus. It's fun, man. Watching it on tv, not so much. Unless it's at a bar. And there's beer. Yea, I can do that.

All this talk about the World Series, and Joe Torre's resignation, and A-Rod's departure, makes me think of a baseball game I attended over the summer.

As I said, I do really like going to live games--and baseball is something I understand for the most part, so I can follow and get into it.

I'm not really familiar with most of the players on the Mets, having always hung out with Yankees fans, so I tried to familiarize myself with who was who, and thought I had done pretty well. I always sort of start with who I think is cute, followed by the ones who seem the most popular.

It seemed really strange to me that, everytime #18 went up to bat, people appeared to be booing him. He was a Met, and we were sitting at Shea Stadium, so why in the world did everyone hate him so much?

I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to ask a stupid question. Yet the booing continued. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Why do people keep booing whenever that guy goes up to bat?" I asked innocently. Cringing at my stupidity.

I was looked at with curiosity, and asked why I thought they were booing him.

"Well," I said, "Everytime he steps up to the plate, people yell out BOO! BOO!"

Yea. Not so much. #18, aka Moises Alou, had a lot of fans who liked to yell out "Alouuuuuuuuuuu".

See? I have a lot to learn!

ps - Baltimore By Way of Brooklyn , you can stop laughing at me now!!!


Ha Ha Sound said...

I agree with you. Going to the games is fun, but watching them on TV can be kind of dull. That said, I watched an entire football game on television for the first time maybe ever on Sunday. The Giants vs. the Dolphins in London. It wasn't bad, actually.

Leaves said...

Funny. I'm a Cubs fan, and Moises Alou played for them a few years ago. I used to think it was weird that home fans would boo him every time he batted. Then, one day I realized they were saying Alou. Glad I'm not alone.


roopa said...

I didn't laugh but I did have a big grin on my face. ;)