Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So it would probably be an understatement for me to announce that I have severe, painful writer's block.
I know I haven't been around in a couple of weeks, and this is not because I've stopped loving you all. 
I guess I could blog about my training...but been there done that...
I suppose I could talk some more about my sex life and love of the wonderous Beehive, but I imagine you're sick of hearing about that too.
I realize that I never blogged about the Blogger's Night that I attended last week, but my friend Gail, who does read this, will call me a NYERD if I talk about it, and who needs that? ;)
I WANTED to blog about the dead mouse that I found in my bedroom Sat night, but someone else beat me to it, with a way cooler mouse story than I could ever hope to relay.
Thankfully, I just spent the last week and a half working on the most insane project ever, I fully intend on telling you all about it one of these days.

But not tonight. I'm friggin tired. I'm sunburned. While all of you spend your carefree Friday nights getting shitfaced with reckless abandon, I crawled into my apartment after a 12 hr photo shoot, only to have to wake up at the crack of dawn, again, tomorrow.

plus my computer is being retarded, and I'm thoroughly annoyed right now. peace out fuckers. I'll talk to you laters.

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Ha Ha Sound said...

Hope you got some well earned rest on Saturday. This week really was a killer, wasn't it?