Monday, July 30, 2007

Making Small Talk

A new Pret a Manger opened up across the street from my office, and this has created much excitement and joy within me.
If you've never eaten at a Pret, you just don't know what you're missing. Everything is laid out on display in gorgeous little cardboard boxes, just waiting to be snatched up and eaten. Sandwiches such as the New York Brunch on Rye; turkey and cheese with onions and mayo.  Or Avocado and Parmesan on whole wheat, with basil and pine nuts. Salads that have giant avocados, or big chunks of fresh parmesan cheese...yea I could go on and on.
Today, I went out to lunch late, and I was starving. I ran into the new Pret and my eye settled on a grilled chicken salad with avocado, walnuts, and dried cranberries.  To top it off, I grabbed a sesame dressing that looked to die for.
Eager to stuff my piehole, I skipped onto the elevator, bag in hand, proudly displaying the Pret a Manger logo.  A chatty coworker got on with me. 
"Oh, you went to Pret for lunch I see?" he asked.
I smiled and proudly showed him the contents of my lunch.
"Yea. I went there today and it gave me the shits".
Excuse me?
"Uh, well maybe it just didn't agree with you?" I stammered.
"My friend who came with me got the shits from it too.  We both had salads.  Chicken over greens with nuts, or something.  Yea. I had the runs for days."
I stared down at my salad, my lovely salad that now seemed tainted to me.  All I could picture was big, green nasty bacteria running around in my sesame dressing..and my coworker on the toilet.
"I'm sure your salad is fine," he smiled.


Hex said...
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Hex said...

That's probably the same guy who says things like "oh god this food is awful, taste it."

Ha Ha Sound said...

When I lived in London, they were all over the place. They had a delicious Chicken Tikka sandwich that, for whatever reason, the ones here in NYC don't carry. If you see it, try it. Yum.

Dre said...

"the shits"... nice.

i still would have eaten it.