Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bush, or No Bush?

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to do something completely out of character for me. For some, this would mean making out with someone of the same sex, or jumping out of an airplane, or wearing a bright red sweater.

Of course, I have to take it to a whole new level, and decide that I am going to embrace my body for once and for all, and have nude pictures taken of myself.

I was out at a bar one night, surrounded by many of my photographer friends, and I mentioned this idea that I had, and several of them thought it was a great idea, and offered their services to me.

I had actually, at that point, already decided who I wanted to do it. He is a friend, but not a close one, he is a good photographer, and he is probably not going to pop a boner at the sight of my nekkid self. Which makes him the perfect candidate for this project.

I am seeing him on Friday, and we will be discussing the logistics of this venture. But here is my biggest question: which would photograph better? Bush? Or no bush?

Any thoughts?


rooooooooooooooopyloop said...

None is too pornographic. Too much is too wild.

I vote for a neat little patch.

ST said...

def not totally bare - that's just too skeevy and i always wondered about guys who liked that too much - it's just too little-girl-ish! neatly trimmed, i say ;)

Lori Mocha said...

Yes, well-groomed bush is the way to go.

caitlin said...

i would just like to add that independent polling done by my friend reveals that guys who like no bush or full bush tend to be sexual perverts or creeps. all normal people like a trimmed bush. :)

DrunkBrunch said...

Trimmed, as everyone else has suggested. I've also been approached for a nude photo shoot and am "considering it." Let me know how yours goes.

CCJohn said...

All right, Miss Weisenheimer Cheese, I am impressed. Nude photos, excellent idea. You may rest assured that in the session for my userpic here, which I did for my 40th birthday, I took a couple (autotimer) photos with all four of us in the altogether. Way fun. They are available for any interested party to review although amazingly no one has yet expressed interest. You are a smart cookie to go with the photographer dude who knows his stuff. So what'd you decide to do?

Bush, no bush, I dunno, somehow have never found a problem with either.

Miss nonetheless do not see any pictures of you here. No I don't mean in birthday suit, I mean just pictures. Maybe I am misunderstanding Blogger having been a Live Journal baby all my life.