Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I think I was Slimed

Walking to the subway station this morning, I happened to look down at my leg for some reason or another, and was struck with a vision of disgusting proportions.

It appeared that I stepped in some dog doo doo, and it splashed up onto my calf.

"Arrllllghghekkkraackkkkeegooooo" I started to make wretching, vomity sounds.

Beehive took one look at where I was pointing, laughed hysterically, and said "We'd better get you home." He steered me back to his apartment, where I ran in shame and disgust, and cleaned myself up.

What appeared to be dog poop initially was nothing of the sort. In fact, I'm really not even sure what the hell it was. It was sort of mucus-like, almost like slug slime. In fact, I'm kind of thinking it was slug slime. Especially since I had no trace of dog shit anywhere on my flip flops or anywhere else on myself.

Oh God. I got slimed by a slug.

Cut to later this afternoon. My blogging boyfriend asked, "So, did you write about what happened this morning yet?"

"No. Did you want it?"

"Hell yea. If you don't want it, I'll take it!" he seemed to think this event was completely and utterly blogworthy.

I love the fact that we are now negotiating who gets to write what in our blogs.


eric the beehivehairdresser said...

I would have written that the "slime" had quite the same look that my ankle had when I crapped my pants in Canada.

i like cheese said...

Well when you post your version of the story, you can go on ahead and write that . heh.

DrunkBrunch said...

I happen to think that's very cute!

The Bee said...

People dog slime each other now?! That's outrageous! And also outrageous: how do you handle being in a relationship where BOTH people blog? My goodness. I think you should discuss this further.

Colleen said...

I kind of hate that anything that happens, ever, it's assumed between my boyfriend and I that I'll blog it. (He doesn't have a blog.) On the other hand, off I go to blog everything that happens.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Yeah, you guys seem to handle the dual blogging couple thing very well. It would totally freak me out if I had a girlfriend who was blogging about me.

So said the guy who blogs about every girl he's ever met.

i like cheese said...

Brunchy-I kinda think it's cute too, but I'm probably not really allowed to say that, am I? ;)

Bee-It gets kinda sad when we start to communicate via blog comments rather than email or phone.

Colleen-Please don't ever, ever stop blogging everything that happens. Your blog rules.

HaHa-Beehive is an attention whore. He loves being blogged about ;)

eric the beehivehairdresser said...

Correct Cheese, and let me not forget to remind you that I LOVE getting my back rubbed too!